Saturday, June 5, 2010

Garden Gumption ~ Post #6

~ The Case of the Cabbage Eater: Part 2! ~

Well, everyone.... assumptions have been made, evidence collected, and predictions confirmed!! The mischief in my garden has been caused by .... Ground Hogs!!!

Oh, and not just any ground hog! Yes, it is the same ground hog that tormented my garden last year -- climbing up the bank from the river into my little backyard to nibble on my tasty vegetables. However, this year our little "friend" brought along it's family!! Yep!! THREE little ground hogs have come to tag along so that they too may enjoy the grass, weeds, and my Garden! Imagine my surprise when all of them started squeezing THROUGH my chain linked fence!! Haha!!! I made sure to get some pictures and video of the little buggers. And now, my 2-year-old has decided to join in on the fun by sitting in the backyard on a blanket and so some ground hog watching of his own. (He get's so excited!! It's cute!)

So, there you have it. Case closed!! Now my husband and I can fully prepare for and prevent the furry little critters from eating all of my vegetables again!

Happy Gardening!!

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