Marvelous Mommy Minute

~*~ Marvelous Mommy Minute ~*~

This section is reserved for all of the "Marvelous Mom's" we've come to know and connect with here on Heartfelt Home Creations Blog.  Each week we will feature a Mom who has their own Blog and/or Mom Business!  Each "Marvelous Mommy Minute" will include a brief interview so you can get to know our "marvelous mom", some info about their blog/business, and a "marvelous" giveaway that you can enter to win -- Free!!

So check back with us! We're hoping to get our 1st "Marvelous Mommy Minute" posted soon!!


** If you are a Mom and you have a Blog and/or Business that you would like featured on our "Marvelous Mommy Minute", please visit the PR Welcome section on our blog, and
email Vanessa at . 
We'd love to hear from you and connect with you Marvelous Moms!! **


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