Friday, May 21, 2010

Garden Gumption ~ Post #5

~* The Case of the Cabbage Eater *~

How have all of your gardens been coming along?  Are you getting the chance to work outside and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine? I know I have, along with my son of course!

My vegetable garden has been coming along nicely, including the 2nd garden we planted with onions, garlic and potatoes!  Things are coming along very nicely and I'm hoping for an even bigger and more plentiful harvest compared to my first harvest last year!

Except, 2 nights ago, we were attacked by a Cabbage Eater!! (and an Eater of Lettuce, Peas and Sunflower plant leaves as well!!) 

We don't know who the culprit is just yet. I suspect it's the groundhog we had waddling through our yard on occasion last year. The critter would come waddling up our bank from the river in our backyard on occasion, and we had spotted him/her nibbling on my garden goodies on occasion.
Needless to say, my lettuce and cabbage never had the chance to grow properly.

This year my husband and I thought we had everything under control in regards to our veggie-hungry friend! Ever since we put up a chain link fence along the back of our property, we haven't had any furry visitors. But then.... much to my dismay..... the Case of the Cabbage Eater had been reopened! All of my beautiful lettuce and cabbage leaves, the tops of my pea plants, and the leaves on my single, successful sunflower plant have all been chewed, munched, and obliterated.  After inspecting the remaining stocks and stems of my plants, and taking a detailed walk around the perimeter of my yard, I found the choice of entrance of our evil veggie eater -- it had pried back a small section of the fence that we had not permanently attached yet (we're hoping to add a gate to our fence in the next few weeks) and entered out yard that way. My suspicions lead me to believe that the ground hog has returned! I told my husband: What else besides the groundhog would know enough to get into our yard and specificallly seek out my lettuce and cabbages?  Unfortunately, it's just a hunch, perhaps a mystery that won't be solved.

In the meantime, my husband and I are taking a trip to the local tractor supply later today so that we can figure out an effective, environmentally safe, and hopefully inexpensive way to prevent anymore veggie eaters from ruining my garden. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!

As for the little pests that could take their toll on a garden, a friend of mine suggested this site and information to me: (Thanks Shauna!)  I plan on implementing some of these "Green" and safe methods in the near future and when necessary!
Happy Gardening Everyone!

 And in regards to the Case of the Cabbage Eater -- to be continued!!


  1. Oh that's so frustrating!

    I'm stopping by to welcome you to SITS!

  2. Thanks for the SITS welcome Mimi! Here's hoping my veggies grow back!

  3. That would be annoying, very curious though! Love gardening this time of year.


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