Friday, April 23, 2010

Garden Gumption - Post #4

~* Garden Gumption *~
(Post #4)

Celebrating Earth Day!!

So, I realize my post is the day AFTER Earth Day, but I look at it this way.... why not do something for our Earth everyday?  Here are a few simple things that my family does, that you can do too!

1.) Reduce:  Reduce the amount of extra packaging on items you buy -- this creates less garbage and less waste!  It can be something as easy as using the cloth shopping bags for your grocery shopping instead of the plastic ones given at the store. Or how about buying items that come in less packaging.

2.) Reuse: This reminds me of the saying: "One man's trash becomes another man's treasure." Last year my friend and I hit up alot of the yard sales in our area. You'd be surprised what kind of stuff you can find and reuse for something else. It can be something as simple as making a centerpiece using old tea cups (see my Tea Cup Candelabra on the Homemaking Cottage Volunteer's Blog!) husband and I bought an electric lawnmower for $5.00 at a house sale. Great find for us! And it works great! Saved us TONS of money and in turn we didn't have to buy a new one. Better than having it added to the garbage pile!

3.) Recycle: There are many grocery stores and supermarkets that have bins where you drop off your plastic grocery bags to be recycled. Also, don't forget to recycle all of those aluminum soda cans! My son helped me crush 2 large garbage bag's worth of aluminum cans last week. My husband will be taking them to a place in town where he will get money for the aluminum. It might not be a fortune, but look at the "pennies" you would be throwing away if you just tossed your soda can into the garbage!

4.) Garden: This can be beneficial in so many ways! You can start a compost using certain items from your kitchen scraps, and then use your compost to help "feed" your garden. By growing your own vegetables, you can in turn cut back on the amount of packaged vegetables you buy in the grocery store. If you are unable to have your own vegetable garden, try visiting your local farmers market.

5.) Clotheslines:  Since the weather is warmer and sunnier now, I use my clothesline to dry my laundry instead of using the clothes dryer. I love that fresh air smell my clothes get after being out on the line all day. Plus, I'm  using less electicity!! I find it funny that my husband is learning that I only do laundry on nice days!

So, that's a few things to think about. If you have any tips of your own, or have any comments you would like to share, just leave a comment below!! We love to hear what our readers have to say!! Plus, we can learn a few things from each other!! Also, if you did something in celebration of Earth Day, feel free to share with us!


Oh, and for those of you wondering -- my lettuce, cabbage, peas, and zucchinni are starting to grow nicely in my garden.
And I'm starting my own indoor herb kit!! (Thank you to my friend, Kelly, for the inspiration!)

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