Monday, March 15, 2010

Blogging Schedule!

~* New Blog Post Schedule *~

I've been a little sporadic in my blog posts lately. I guess that comes with the territory of being a new blogger! Haha!
To make my blog postings a bit more organized and easier for my readers to follow, I've decided to make a blog post schedule. In other words, I'm going to write posts about certain topics on specific days of the week. Here is what I came up with:

~ Sunday: "Scripture Spark" -- I'll post an inspirational scripture passage from the Bible. It just might be that extra "spark" you need to get your day/week going!

~ Monday: "Recipe of the Week" -- A new recipe that you can make "from scratch" that you can cook or bake for you and your family to enjoy. Many of these recipes have been passed down through my family over the years.

~Tuesday: FREE DAY -- No posts on Tuesdays unless a special topic or event inspires me to write! (You don't want me to get Blogger Burnout do you? Haha!) Alternative posts include Giveaways on the Fan Page or my Blog, Interviews with Marvelous Mommy Minute, and other tidbits that might come along.

~ Wednesday: "The Book Nook" -- Check out a new book I've added to my "to read" list or one that I am currently reading. Also, find out "J's Pick of the Week" to see what the little guy's new favorite book is.
**This information will also be posted/updated on my blog's "Book Nook" page (see link at top of blog page) that way you can have easy access to the current week's listings without having to search through my blog posts.

~Thursday: "Theta Mom Thursday Post" -- I am a part of the Theta Mom Community (check out the Theta Mom blog buttons located on the right side bar of my blog page), and on the last Thursday of every month, we like to share with each other how us Moms spent a bit of time on ourselves for one hour, one day out of the month. Feel free to join us!

~ Friday: "Garden Gumption" -- Includes gardening tips and tricks, along with updates on how I'm tackling my own cultivating corner in my backyard. Let's see how this year's vegetable and flower gardens compare to my last year's endeavor!
**Also, if you're on Twitter, check out my "Follow Friday" lists so you can connect with some other great moms, "Momprenuers", and lovely ladies.

~Saturday: FREE DAY!! Enjoy the weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope this blogging schedule helps you keep track of my posts about your favorite topics or things that interest you!! Thanks for following my fan page and my blog!!!!



  1. ooo I would love to get some gardening tips this time of year! Love the scripture spark idea. I really don't blog nearly as often as I should about spiritual things on my blog.

  2. Thanks Shanilie for the comment! I've been wanting to do my Scripture Spark idea as my Sunday post for a while now, and am finally getting around to doing it! :O)


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