Wednesday, February 10, 2010

*Snow * Day*

.... And then the *SNOW* came!

     That was pretty much my reaction this morning when I looked out my bedroom window to see if we actually got the snow that was predicted by the weatherman last night. YEP! We did, and THEN SOME!! The area of Northeastern Pennsylvania where I live finally got the snow we were waiting for! (unlike last week when we ended up with little or nothing at all). 

     And then the excitement came!! Soon after waking up, I received a text message from my husband informing me that the mall where his business is located was closing at 12 and that he would be home shortly afterwards! It was like being in school again and hearing that we were having a snow day!! It's funny how a  little thing like that can change your whole outlook for the rest of the day.

     All of a sudden I was enjoying the snow even more than before! When my young son finally awoke from his peaceful slumber, I couldn't wait to take him downstairs and into our kitchen so he can stare out our sliding glass doors at the layers of snow. And when he finally had the chance to peer out and into our backyard, he was instantly fascinated! He immediately started pointing and exclaiming, "It's snowing! It's snowing!" as the powdery snowflakes fell. It was like a winter wonderland! Everything covered with the pretty white stuff -- you couldn't even see the river through the trees that line the bottom of the bank at the edge of our backyard. It was so pretty, the pictures I took just don't do it justice!

It wasn't long before my husband arrived home from work. It was a bitter sweet homecoming for him -- our son and I were happy to have "Daddy" home since we don't get to see him much on account of his intense work schedule, but on the other hand the next paycheck is going to hurt a bit due to the cut in hours. BUT, soon the fun started up again. I started cooking up some homemade chicken noodle soup while my husband bundled up and started tackling the snow in our driveway.  It wasn't much of a chore for him though -- our son kept us all amused, running from window to window trying to watch Daddy's every move outside! It was quite comical and reinforced the fact that he misses his Daddy when he has to work. So fun!

After the snow was shoveled, and the nice warm soup was eaten, the 3 of us spent the rest of the day just enjoying our time together as a family, something we don't get to experience all too often. Now, as I sit here this evening writing this little blog post and reflecting on today's events, I just have to sit and smile. Even though many of the roads were closed, and my husband had to leave work early and miss a few hours of pay... in the end it all didn't matter. What mattered the most was the time we were able to spend together and the little moments that made the day special and fun!

Isn't it funny what a little snow can do?  I hope you enjoyed YOUR snow day!! How did you spend it?



  1. We've had so much snow! It's insane. 30" first round, not sure how much this round. I spent snow days working, my son spent it playing, and my hubby spent it shoveling. Although I helped shovel; he wouldn't let me help very often on account of my asthma.

    Here are some of our snow photos:

  2. Thanks for sharing your snow photos, Shelly! That's sweet that your hubby took your asthma into concideration. Great guy! I hope you survived the "cabin fever"! Our snow is finally starting to melt around here!

  3. Hey there! I am now a follower of you here and on twitter!! Thanks for the shout out on twitter!


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