Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Simple Winter Treasures -- Stop & Look!

Winter is here! The *SNOW*! The COLD! 
Some of us LOVE IT!! Some of us LOATH IT!!

Whether you love it, or would rather skip it,
have you ever stopped to ... enjoy it?

While sitting in my family room, cuddled under blankets on my couch, enjoying a hot cup of soup and watching a favorite movie with my son, I happened upon this little bit of "scenery".
Any other day, I would just view it as "look at the drab, dreary outside. I wish it was spring so I could see the colorful buds rather than the withered dried out seed pods."

But today, I saw it more as an opportunity for the amatuer photographer in me.  Then, it lead me to wonder, how many other "pictures" of drab and dreary winter things could be seen as something more exciting and scenic?

So, I share this challenge with YOU:
Take a look around (especially on those winter days that are everything but desirable).  What can you "see"?  What images of "beauty"/ "art"/ "simple treasures" -- or whatever you want to describe it as -- can you find hidden in your wintery surroundings?

Feel free to share your "simple winter treasures" with us! Comment below!

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